What's going on with Pat Waters?

Drive Across Texas goes to Eastland, Texas

Drive Across Texas with Pat Waters goes SOCIAL!

Drive Across Texas with host Pat Waters is really taking off, y'all.  I am excited to share that the official facebook is up as well as Twitter & Instagram - make sure you subscribe, follow, like and share to get all the updates on my adventures across Texas.  It's gonna be a fun ride y'all, you don't want to miss it!  Check out Drive Across Texas here for more info on what's going on!

Filming has begun with "Drive Across Texas with Pat Waters"


The Pat Waters team is excited to share the latest venture  with this tall Texan.  A new series is coming to a TV station near you very soon.  Keep your eyes and ears open for this exciting new show that will showcase everything Texas including the host himself, Texan, Pat Waters.  Follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter to see the latest antics of this singing cowboy and the newest clips of our adventures filming #DriveAcrossTexas.  It's fun y'all, you never know where we might end up and you just never know what that crazy Texan might say or do.  New filming dates will be added to the calendar soon, so stay tuned, check often and don't miss out on this crazy ride.  Exciting things are coming  - you don't want to miss it!

"You Ain't Never Been To Texas" climbing the Texas Charts
"You Ain't Never Been to Texas" brings a bit of heart and a touch of soul to a world all to often filled with fear and sadness.  It's a reminder that there is something bigger than us, a glimpse into that which we have to look forward to; a simple reminder that there is beauty all around us.  This tall Texan reaches right into your soul with his rendition of this love song about the great state of Texas written by Tony Ramey & Roger Springer.  If you've ever wondered what Texas is like, here is your chance to find out.  Listen closely as Pat sings the words about the state he dearly loves.  I warn you now you will find yourself longing to take a drive and see what this song is all about first hand.  Get ready to fall in love with the Texas that reminds us all just how much we are cherished.   Currently sitting at #86 on the #TexasRegionalRadioChart & #49 on the #TexasMusicChart, "You Ain't Never Been to Texas" is reaching around the globe and impacting country radio everywhere!  Thank you all for calling radio stations, requesting to hear it and asking your favorite DJ's to give it a spin!  Your dedication to #makingcountryradiogreatagain does not go unnoticed!  Keep it up y'all and "You Ain't Never Been to Texas" will keep rising!  #thanksforsupporting

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