Wild Rag Vodka signs up to sponsor Pat Waters!

Pat Waters, a sixth generation Texan, knows the pride that goes into a Texas product.  The Pat Waters team is proud to announce that we have partnered with South Texas Distillery, home of Wild Rag Vodka.  "Roy and Lupita Aguilar are some fine Texans, and I sure am humbled that they'd want to work along side me," said Pat Waters when asked about this new sponsorship.  South Texas Distillery will be using Pat's new single, "Texan", as part of their promotion campaign and the team at Pat Waters is just giddy about this possibility.  Not only is this a chance to grow Pat Waters the country music entertainer, but it is also a chance to grow the business of our good friends at South Texas Distillery.  Texans helping Texans, it doesn't get much better than that.